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 Book Collaborator Sought

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PostSubject: Book Collaborator Sought   Fri Jun 13, 2008 8:43 pm

I've been writing a novel for years. I came up with this idea to have people read it and give me feedback on it, and I'd pay them. Izzi suggested that this might not be the best idea, as perhaps they wouldn't be very committed to the project and would only do it for money (argent). It was an experiment. But perhaps I should have just listened to Iz. Basketball

Anyway I got two responses from people who would be interested. One guy wanted a huge amount of money to work on the project- he had great credentials, had a PhD in English, had worked for large publishers, had attended notable creative writing schools, etc. Even though he had great credentials, he just wanted too much money to work on the project and so wasn't hired. I got one other response from a Zoner. Although the Zoner tried, eventually I decided that the work that he was putting into the project wasn't up to the level that I had been expecting to get from someone that I was paying. I didn't mind paying him, and I did pay him, but the up-front for-pay project petered out. Sleep

I came to the conclusion that it I was going to pay someone, I should wait until the entire book was completed and then get a price for someone to critique the entire work. However if there is a Zoner that would be interested in critiquing the book one chapter at a time- and not get paid- I'd be happy to send the work out one chapter at a time and see what their response is- even though the work is not yet completed. They won't get any money up front, but they will receive my gratitude. sunny

However, if the work is eventually published AND SOLD to an agent or publisher at that point then they would definitely get some money (argent). The amount of money they would receive would depend on how much the work was sold for, which obviously I cannot know before it is finished. I cannot guarantee that the work will ever be finished or that the book will be sold. As in life, there are no guarantees. One can only hope for the best. afro
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PostSubject: Re: Book Collaborator Sought   Sat Jun 14, 2008 3:42 pm

Should you give some more informations about that novel please ?

Altrough I'm already reading an approved book, if you've got some time I should be able to help.

(I mean, subject, length, some parts of the book (start, middle & conclusion ?) so you'r style may be foreseen.)
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PostSubject: Re: Book Collaborator Sought   Tue Jul 08, 2008 7:17 am

Rather than describe the book, I'll just send you two chapters. I've having the most difficulty with the ending. So far about eight chapters of around 5,000 words each have been completed. I'd be happy to send (snail mail on actual paper) the book out two chapters at a time. You would mark it up and then send it back. At that point you'd get the next two chapters, etc.

You would give me you snail mail address to send it out. Also I'd like your regular email address so that we can correspond off-list. In addition, I have Skype so we could discuss the book over the internet phone as well.

I don't want to decrease the wordcount- I'm aiming for a minimum of 60,000 words. So far about 40,000 have been competed. Ideally readers would make suggestions to increase the wordcount. I am slowly building a roster of dedicated readers.

Anyone interested in Bill Burroughs would find the subject matter intriguing. Izzi is one of the few people that gave me good feedback on my first book.

I look forward to hearing from readers! Thanks farao flower moqueur bis
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PostSubject: Re: Book Collaborator Sought   

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Book Collaborator Sought
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