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 Interzone report of June 2008 (1)

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Interzone report of June 2008 (1) Empty
PostSubject: Interzone report of June 2008 (1)   Interzone report of June 2008 (1) Icon_minitimeThu Jul 03, 2008 3:34 pm

Hi all,

Summer is here, not too soon ! A new long trip for the BoaVista to Africa, a festival in Joujouka at the end of July, new pages for the starting Interzone Editions and other new events in Interzone:

Boat trip
Boa Vista Africa Odyssée:

In 2007, the Boavista and its team had gone from Martinique island to cross Atlantic ocean: see the site Boa Vista Atlantique Odysée and the pictures on line at
This year, on thursday June 26th, at 9:30 pm, the BoaVista left the Minimes harbour in La Rochelle for Senegal in Africa, with Christian, the captain, Corinne, Jean-Louis and Patrick. I made a video of the start and some pictures for the occasion : J

Interzone Editions official now

Interzone Editions now has a special site starting :
Présentation d'Interzone Editions (Introduction to Interzone Editions)
Titres disponibles (Available titles):
Livres à paraître (Books to be published) :
Liste des auteurs (List of authors):
Achat en ligne (To buy on line):
Sites d'Interzone:

Three titles are now officially available :
- Alfred KORZYBSKI : SEMINAIRE DE SEMANTIQUE GENERALE 1937 : Transcription des Notes des Conférences de Sémantique Générale Données à Olivet College, ISBN : 978-2-9531513-0-5
- José Altimiras & François Darnaudet : "Le Taxidermiste", comix, ISBN : 978-2-9531513-1-2,
- and its English version "The Taxidermist", ISBN: 978-2-9531513-2-9

The publishing is artisanal, at unit on request, so I do not have to invest money in a large number of copies, and I print the books when I am sure to sell them. For sale on the net

Following book to come :
"Le Temps des Naguals : autour de Burroughs et Gysin"

General semantics: on line courses
I am putting up on line courses of general semantics with Skype and a web cam, which is much more practical than physical seminars and less expensive (no expense for the train nor for the hotel).

The rythm of one course a week facilitates integration, as it's possible to take the time to learn the meaning of the new words, and to practice the teaching during two courses, which is not possible with seminars.

New pages on line :
Enseignement (teaching) : ,
Enseignement en ligne (on line courses)
Intervision :

Festival :

Master Musicians of Joujouka : Moroccan Village of Joujouka honours Rolling Stone Founder Brian Jones in 40th Anniversary Festival.
Event: Brian Jones 40th Anniversary Festival
Date: 29 JULY 2008
Place: Joujouka, Morocco
Tickets and Booking
To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones's visit to their village, Morocco's most renowned Sufi trance Masters, The Master Musicians of Joujouka, are staging a music festival in his honour on 29 July, in Joujouka, Morocco.

BackgroundJoujouka is a tiny village in the southern Rif Mountains of Morocco founded by the 8th century Sufi mystic Sidi Ahmed Scheich. It is famous for its Sufi trance music, its connections with the Beat Generation and the Rolling Stones, and its annual celebration of the God Pan.
On 29th July 1968, following in the footsteps of William Burroughs, Robert Palmer and Paul Bowles; Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones and recording engineer George Chkiantz visited Joujouka with Brion Gysin and Mohamed Hamri to record an album with the Master Musicians. Jones spent much of his last year mixing and producing the Joujouka tapes and preparing the cover art. He died on 7 July 1969. The resulting LP "Brian Jones presents the Pipes of Pan at Joujouka" was the first release on Rolling Stones Records in 1971. In 2006 Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins took time out from recording Zeitgeist to visit the village and experience the music.

The Rites of Pan/ BoujeloudIn Joujouka the villagers still perform the ancient Rites of Pan. A boy sewn in goat skins dances wildly to the music of the Masters. This music and festival is called Boujeloud, or the Father of Skins in Joujouka. It is a fertility rite directly related to the ancient worship of the God Pan. Pan was evoked in the springtime to ensure the fertility of both the crops and the people. The people of Joujouka have kept this ancient tradition alive. The evening and night will be devoted to the healing trance music of Joujouka. There will be a full performance of the Boujeloud Rite in honour of Brian Jones. The Master Musicians of Joujouka 2006 CD Boujeloud features various variations on the ritual music associated with Pan.

Brain Jones Joujouka very Stoned
In his short stay in Joujouka Brian Jones made a big impression on the musicians. To this day the song "Brian Jones Joujouka very Stoned" sung in English and Arabic, is a standard at all ceremonies and celebrations in the village.

40th Anniversary Festival.To commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Brian Jones's visit to their village the Master Musicians of Joujouka are staging a festival to honour Brian Jones memory and his efforts to raise them and their fathers out of poverty.

Guests will be transported to the village from the nearest town Ksar El Kebir. They will stay in the village in traditional Joujouka houses with musicians and their families. In the afternoon there will be a visit to the 8th century sanctuary of Joujouka's patron saint Sidi Ahmed Schiech and to the cave of Pan/Boujeloud.

This is an once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience a day and night in Joujouka as guests of the Master Musicians of Joujouka and their families in their mountain village.

Master Musician of Joujouka Ahmed Attar recalls Jones' visit in 1968 "I was a twelve years old learning drumming with my father and the Mallims (Masters) when Brian Jones came. Brian Jones was very good. My father played rhiata with and for him and I danced and played my drum. He came with Hamri and Brion Gysin. He had long hair and he rubbed my head. He brought a lot to Joujouka. Besef Baraka. We will mark the 40th Anniversary of his visit here in Joujouka to honour Brian Jones and to let people come to Joujouka and see what it is like here for themselves. It is good to feel the Baraka (Blessings) of Sidi Ahmed Scheich. Joujouka is his country. He is the Cultivator with Lions and Healer of Crazy Minds."

Food and Board
Full board will be provided: lunch on arrival on the 29th, a celebratory feast in the evening including charcoal roasted whole sheep and a wide variety of mountain dishes including many vegetarian specialities. Traditional breakfast will be provided on the morning of the 30th. All the dishes will be prepared by the villagers and will be traditional Moroccan fare for a celebratory feast.

Frank Rynne, co-organiser of the Festival, has produced three CDs of Master Musicians of Joujouka and also their 1996 collaboration with Marianne Faithfull "My Only Friend"(10%:file under Burroughs, Sub Rosa Records). He has visited and recorded for extended periods in the village since 1994. He enthuses "I first met the musicians in 1992 when I curated a William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin art show. It is great that the musicians have decided to celebrate Brian Jones life and work. As well as giving people an opportunity to hear their music as it should be heard, in the open air on their mountain."
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Admin Izzy

Female Number of posts : 61
Registration date : 2008-05-15

Interzone report of June 2008 (1) Empty
PostSubject: Interzone report: June 2008 (2)   Interzone report of June 2008 (1) Icon_minitimeThu Jul 03, 2008 3:34 pm

Paul O'Donovan:
All his illustrations which were hosted in different sites have been gathered in Interzone Galleries : see the pages from to

New illustration: "Gimme Shelter"

culturegrounds - contemporary art: the last image du jour
Since years Elisha and Scott were sending one image everyday to people who requested for it. This image was published as the image of the day in their site "culturegrounds - contemporary art" .

"Hi Everyone,
This will be the final email transmission of the image of the day from culturegrounds. After a little more than a decade and many incarnations, culturegrounds has mutated again... will remain up as an archive until Winter 2008... Though we're doing what we do under new names now, the spirit of culturegrounds lives on...
Check us out at NOWhere Limited - our art gallery in Nederland, Colorado and get your daily fix of art images at our new art blog LOOK INTO MY OWL
Thank you for your support and enthusiasm for culturegrounds over the years and please keep in touch! Yours,
Elisha and Scott

NOWhere Limited
Contemporary Art + Limited EditionsWolf Tongue Square, Nederland, Colorado "

Shocker TV: june 27th show will be the most hardcore to date
"june 27th show will be the most hardcore to date
we will be featuring out-of-town noisemakers from portland, oregon.
be prepared, las vegas (do you need ear plugs?)

if you like to help us promote the show, let me know - i will give you posters and fliers when they are ready..." Shocker TV: The noise diary

Joujouka: Track Featuring Marianne Faithfull added to our Myspace songs:
"We have added "My Only Friend" by Marianne Faithfull and The Master Musicians of Joujouka to our songs.
The track first appeared on the 10%:file under Burroughs (Sub Rosa Records) in 1996. This Marianne's tribute to her friend and Joujouka mentor Brion Gysin and feature his favorate music the flutes of the Mallims of Joujouka.
Other artists on the 2 CD 10%:File under Burroughs include Bill Laswell, Master Musicians of Joujouka, John Cale, Stanley Booth, Material, Chuck Prophet, William S. Burroughs, Brion Gysin, Terry Wilson, Ira Cohen, and Herbert Hunke.
The CD was an aural continuation of the Here To Go Show which took place at the Projects Art Centre and other venues in Dublin, Ireland, in 1992. The show was featured paintings by William Burroughs, Brion Gysin, and Mohamed Hamri. Live perforlmences and readings by Master Musicians of Joujouka, Hakim Bey, Terry Wilson, Felicity Mason, Joe Ambrose, Ira Cohen and more..........
It is documented in the DVD Destroy All Rational Thought (Screen edge) which is available at
Master Musicians of Joujouka Web Shop

The whirling Dervish: coming next weekend...Sunset beach and San Diego
JULY 4 - KING NEPTUNE'S17115 Pacific Coast Highway, Sunset Beach, California 90742w/ The Radio Sweetheart and A Crooked Deal for the Deaf 21+ - 5$ - 9PM
JULY 5 - Scolari's Office Presents - Chaser's3615 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego, CA 92104, 619-255-7224w/ TBA21+ - FREE (TBD) - 8PM

Stéphan Barron 2008: CONTACT
Two seemingly unconnected copper plates in two different locations.
When a someone places a hand on the first plate, the second will begin to warm up.
A plate is settled at the congrès ECAP (European Conference on Computing and Philosophy) 2008 and the other one in the art center le FRUC.Production Rien de Spécial.
June16th 2008 at le FRUC 6 pm - Expo on June16th and 17th, 3 bis rue Labbé - 34 000 Montpellier
Presentation at the congrès ECAP on June17th at 7 pm.
Thanks to programmation Stéphane Cousot , electronic Claude Frayssinet & Jérôme Gilbert, Jean Sallantin & ECAP François Labastie, Valérie Béguin, Mayuko, Pascal Levasseur, et le FRUC...

Ricardo Mbarkho : LEBANON NOW : Press release:
Recent articles appeared or to appear in the Newspapers about the exhibition "LEBANON NOW". List includes:
- Al Anbaa, June 17, 2008
- Al Balad. June 23, 2008
- L'Orient-Le Jour. June 26, 2008
- Al-Mustaqbal. June 27, 2008
- Daily Star (soon)
- Al Nahar (soon)
- La Revue du Liban (current release)
- (soon)
- Al Safir (soon)

And on TV channels: TL, LBCI, OTV, Future TV and KSA 2.The exhibition is running from 21 to 30 June 2008. Between 11 am and 7 pm (except Sundays)
LAA GALLERYAl Wagf Addurzi Bldg. 2nd floor. Verdun Street.
BeirutINFORMATION: Suzanne Khairallah. Mobile: +961 3 756 404. Email:

Optical Sound: Sweet Electric June

Sites :
The Last Words of Hassan Sabbah: lituanian version revised:Vasha has sent a revised translation of the Last Words of Hassan Sabbah : see at

Yannig: souvenirs souvenirs :
New Podcast
Programs of small videos (H264), diaporama of pictures of various demonstrations

Bernard Bacos:
Un petit reportage vidéo sur les Minets des Champs Elysées dans les années 60
Bernard Bacos, avec la participation de Dick Rivers, réalisé par Julien Fontaine et Jean-Rémi Galinon.

New pages on line

In Interzone sites:
Interzone Editions :
Présentation d'Interzone Editions (Introduction to Interzone Editions)
Titres disponibles (Available titles):
Livres à paraître (Books to be published) :
Liste des auteurs (List of authors):
Achat en ligne (To buy on line):
Sites d'Interzone:
General semantics on line courses :
Enseignement (teaching) : ,
Enseignement en ligne (on line courses)
Intervision :
Paul O'Donovan: to
New illustration: "Gimme Shelter"
The Last Words of Hassan Sabbah: Lituanian version revised :

In the other Zoners'sites:
Festival in Joujouka Brian Jones 40th Anniversary Festival
Culturegrounds - Contemporary arts : LOOK INTO MY OWL & NOWhere Limited
Shocker TV: June 27th show :
Master Musicians of Joujouka Web Shop
The Whirling Dervish: JULY 4 - KING NEPTUNE'S JULY 5 - Scolari's Office Presents
Stephan Barron: ECAP (European Conference on Computing and Philosophy) 2008 FRUC Presentation at the congrès ECAP
Yannig : Manifestadegoùù

This report is at and will be on line soon at Between two reports, the info is hosted in Interzone news at

All the best for your hollidays if you take some.


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Interzone report of June 2008 (1)
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